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Kverkfjall, Island

27. September 2003, bearbeitet von Tinu
(Übersetzungen: English)

Bilder einer Fahrt nach Kverkfjall. Die Bilder wurden 1997 aufgenommen.

Herdubreid, a table volcano near myvatn in the north. Herdubreid is visible at the horizon.

Kverkfjall, "the gate in the mountains", situated in the northern part of the Vatnajökull glacier. Here we start to a 8 hrs. walk on the glacier.

Kverkfjall, 2 hrs. later and 1000m higher. We are near the highest point of the walk. This is a thermal active area, so there is no snow.

Kverkfjall, about 1km away from the location shown in the picture above. A small lake with hot springs and a warm sandy beach is situated just next to the glacier. This lake is about 20-30 km from the location where 2 month later an eruption took place (see Eruption on Vatnajökull 96 at NORVULK).

Kverkfjall. The same lake as above. Some hours ago there must have been some kind of eruption activity leaving this "carpet" of strange material floating on the lake.

Kverkfjall. On the beach. The water level dropped during the activity mentioned above about 1 m leaving small blocks of ice on the beach.

The missing water by the way caused a flood in the north down the Jökulsa i Fjallum river.



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