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Aurora, Kiruna, Sweden

15 October 2006, edited by Tinu
(Translations: Deutsch)

Aurora above LKAB Mine

Aurora 1
Aurora 2
Aurora 3

Allsky camera movie

Time lapse movie recorded during this night by the IRF Allsky camera: 1 second in the movie corresponds to 8 minutes 20 seconds in realtime. North is to the left, West is up in the image. The bright object entering the field of view at the end is the moon. The sequence starts at 15:40 UT and ends at 3:00 UT:

Aurora, 13. October 2006
MPEG, 540 x 360 Pixel

Kiruna Magnetogramm

Corresponding quick-look magnetogram
Pictures taken at red arrow. Data from Swedish Institute of Space Physics



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