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Hveravellir, Iceland

29 January 2004, updated 16 February 2004, edited by Tinu
(Translations: Deutsch, français)

The active area Hveravellir is located betwen the two glaciers Langjökull and Hofsjökull at the Kjalvegur in the high lands of Iceland.

The photo shows the weather station at Hveravellir. The steam clouds on the left in the photo originate at hot springs nearby. Note the rainbow on the right of the building. In 1999, five years after this photo was taken, no trace of this activity could be observed anymore.

Weather station at Hveravellir

The sheep seem to like the warm environment and are not disturbed by the steam.


The active area consists of hot springs with different character: There are varieties in deep blue (an effect caused by SiO2), auburn and golden brown. Fine structures built out of sinter can be fould all around the springs.


Öskurhóll, the shrieking mound

The noises are very interesting: there are quietly bubbling and intensly hissing hot springs:




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updated 16 February 2004